Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

  Coworking spaces are usually membership-based workspaces where remote workers, freelancers, and other independent professionals, like entrepreneurs, work in a shared location. In 2015, researchers discovered that people who belong to one of these coworking memberships report higher levels of professional thriving than those who work in the traditional office setting. On a scale of… Read more »

What is a Satellite Office?

In the past decade, companies have been offering their employees more flexibility in the way they work. Some companies, like Zapier, TeamSnap, and Wordfence, pride themselves in their ability to let their employees work remotely. Some choose to work at home, but others choose to set up satellite offices. What is a satellite office? A… Read more »

Best Podcasts for Business Owners

Podcasts have become a major trend in the business world and hundreds of them are geared toward business owners. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, podcasts can be educational and inspirational resources. We’ve compiled a list of the best podcasts for business owners that will motivate you to become the best entrepreneur… Read more »

Best Time Saving Apps for Entrepeneurs

You know time is money. You also probably know that working remotely or being your own boss comes with its own demands on your time. Fortunately, technology has your back: With a better understanding of how people work (and live), developers are creating time saving apps that help you focus on staying productive, not mindless… Read more »

Top 5 Books for Freelancers

You’re great at your job. So great at it that you’ve struck out on your own as a freelancer. Does that mean you’re great at running a freelance business? Not necessarily. Before you run into trouble, get your business-owner game up to speed with some of our favorite books for freelancers. Essential Books for Freelancers… Read more »