Benefits of Hot Desking

What is Hot Desking? Hot desking is a strategy for work environments where each employee has no specific desk each day. Instead, they share the workspace and all that encompasses it. No matter where they sit, they will have access to a desk for the day, phones and computers. Hot desking often entails staggering work… Read more »

What is a Dedicated Desk Option, You Ask?

Let’s chat a little about the Dedicated Desk option here at desk chair. What’s a Dedicated Desk you ask? By definition, a Dedicated Desk means that your workspace is an “open-air” concept, not your typical workspace surrounded by walls or dividers. One of the benefits of a Dedicated Desk is you don’t have to share… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Austin Best, PWC

Life can be funny sometimes. You might start off on plan A and end up on plan Z before you even had a chance to blink an eye! That’s just life. In all honesty, that’s the beautiful thing about the journey- discovering all the opportunities and people on the way. We enjoy learning about all… Read more »

How Much Office Space Do You Really Need?

Whether you are just starting out, or you find that your business is growing, the amount of office space you need can be a tricky calculation. Too little space can mean that your employees feel cramped together, and too much office space can throw your operations expenses over the edge. So how do you decide… Read more »