Building Your Business in a Coworking Space

When starting your own business, you are often looking at a lean budget and finding ways to cut back on spending. You are probably settled into the idea of working from home, saving money, and ditching the typical office space. There are definitely some advantages to establishing your business in a remote workplace, such as… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have helped fill a much-needed gap for entrepreneurs and start-ups that are seeking office space. They offer temporary spaces to businesses who are trying to find their way or to freelancers and satellite employees that need to rent desk space. As with any business decision, you should ask yourself questions to guide your… Read more »

Why Offer a Coworking Stipend?

About 20-25 percent of the workforce works remotely regularly, according to Global Workplace Analysis. As that portion grows, so has requests from telecommuting workers for coworking stipends. Navigating the new remote-work status quo can be difficult for employers: Should you offer employees a coworking stipend? Just like every business is unique, all remote-working situations are,… Read more »

Messy Desk Organization Tips

Right now, check your desk. Do you see small mountains of paperwork, half-empty coffee mugs and empty candy wrappers laying around? If that’s the case, you are hurting your productivity. Studies show people working in messy environments are less efficient, more impatient and less persistent when faced with problems. Follow desk chair™ workspace’s desk organization tips to… Read more »

Work Friends Make You Better at Your Job

A shared workspace such as desk chair™ workspace is a perfect place for remote workers, freelancers and solopreneurs to separate their work and home lives. It’s also a great place to shuck the isolation of that work style, surrounding yourself with likeminded professionals – and possibly boosting your productivity through work friends. Working solo allows… Read more »