5 Northern Colorado Networking Groups to Help You Get Ahead

If there is anything that social distancing, quarantining, and pretty much all of 2020 has taught us, is that community is important. Whether that is your neighborhood, your family, or your social circle, the people in your life matter to you. When it comes to business, how has your community changed? Are you finding yourself… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Seth Coonrod

Meet Seth! Seth is the founder of Timberline Audio Video and has been at desk chair for a whole year. He is celebrating 4 years of business this month. Congratulations Seth! We are so happy to witness your great accomplishments as a business owner. Q: Give us your elevator pitch! We specialize in the installation… Read more »

desk chair Workspace “Clears the Air”

desk chair Coworking Implements New Air Purifying System in Workspace to Combat COVID-19 and Upcoming Flu Season.  desk chair workspace took extra COVID precautions in July by installing Global Plasma Solutions’ (GPS) Plasma Generator Technology to improve air quality within the coworking community.  The GPS technology products purify indoor air by creating an electrical field… Read more »

Building Your Business in a Coworking Space

When starting your own business, you are often looking at a lean budget and finding ways to cut back on spending. You are probably settled into the idea of working from home, saving money, and ditching the typical office space. There are definitely some advantages to establishing your business in a remote workplace, such as… Read more »

Additional COVID-19 Precautions

The pandemic has heightened all of our awareness surrounding health topics and daily activities that could put our health at risk. It is extremely important to us at desk chair Workspace to keep our members safe and our space clean. Coworking communities, as a service, thrive to allow professionals to have an area outside of… Read more »