How Students Can Benefit From a Coworking Community

Collaboration, inspiration, and coffee. Those are three things that differentiate a coworking space from your typical office setting or any other workspace. We know that coworking spaces are great for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, but recently they’ve been benefiting a different group of people: students.   Who?  Yes, you heard us right, students!… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Matt Nelson, Modern Training & Development

Meet Matt Matt Nelson is the CEO and founder of Modern Training & Development, Inc., a consulting firm supporting training and operations in restaurants, retail, breweries, and more. With over 25 years of experience, he has helped multi-unit operators of all sizes create and improve learning experiences. He has lived in northern Colorado since 1998… Read more »

Member Spotlight: David Luedtke, Wood Street Builders

If you haven’t met David, he is very hard to miss in our desk chair space. Standing well above 6 feet, David towers over most of our members and has just as big of a heart. David is one of our Founding Members here at desk chair and we are thrilled for the exciting things to come for him and his expanding team. Check out his story below!