Spring Cleaning in Your Office Space

The term Spring Cleaning has a number or origins. From cultural to religious reasons, but did you know that it can all come down to basic human biology? That’s right, your urge to clean comes from your body and the change of seasons. According to HowStuffWorks, our need to clean happens when warmer days start… Read more »

Making Goals Happen in Your Coworking Space

We all set goals, whether they’re small and easy to accomplish or rather large and occupy your days. The worst feeling can be when you set a goal and it goes nowhere because other priorities get in the way. However, 2020, might be your chance to reach those goals and rack up some serious achievements… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Hayley Bancroft & Lori Gafner, GreenbergFarrow

We continue to have incredible team members join our Loveland Coworking Community. Today we would like to introduce you to two of our fierce females, Lori and Hayley with GreenbergFarrow. Greenberg is a full-service development, architectural and engineering company working for national and international clients! FIRST UP Meet LORI Q: Tell us a little about your… Read more »

How Students Can Benefit From a Coworking Community

Collaboration, inspiration, and coffee. Those are three things that differentiate a coworking space from your typical office setting or any other workspace. We know that coworking spaces are great for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, but recently they’ve been benefiting a different group of people: students.   Who?  Yes, you heard us right, students!… Read more »