Member Spotlight: Brent Buck, Ajax Analytics

Meet Brent  Brent is President & CEO of Ajax Analytics and member at desk chair workspace. Ajax Analytics performs environmental monitoring specializing in real-time oil and gas activity and other climate change concerns. Their job is to take data and make it consumable for the public—rather than just readable by scientists. Q: Tell us a… Read more »

Freedom with Hot Desk Membership

Free-lance? Entrepreneur? Tech junkie leaning into the side hustle? Let’s talk a little bit about hot desk here at desk chair, and how it might be the solution for you. The beauty of freedom: What is desk chair and WHAT is hot desk? Add the element of sophistication to your free-lance lifestyle with desk chair…. Read more »

Ronda Stone Showcases Transformation of Loveland’s Newest Co-Working Space Through Art

“Art never bores me. Never,” said Ronda Stone, Loveland-based photographer and artist.  Colorado-based artist and photographer, Rhonda Stone, spent the past two and a half years photo documenting the construction and renovation of what is now the desk chair™ coworking space. What started out as photographs of the construction, taking place in the historic bank… Read more »

Benefits of Standing Desks

Ever feel restless after a long stretch at your desk? Does your mood bottom out by the end of the day? It turns out it may not be a problem with your attention span, the ergonomics of your chair or work that fails to engage you. It could be your desk – or that you’re… Read more »