PRESS RELEASE | Five Tables to Close Its Doors to the Public

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Health officials: Go back to wearing your masks

Larimer County health officials are strongly recommending people, whether vaccinated or not, return to wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.

The county health department announced the new recommendation Wednesday afternoon, citing Larimer County’s high level of community transmission of COVID-19’s delta variant.

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Additional COVID-19 Precautions


It is extremely important to us at desk chair Workspace to keep our members safe and our space clean. Coworking communities, as a service, thrive to allow professionals to have an area outside of their home or remote workplace to be productive as possible, and we want to be able to facilitate that need.

In order to help keep our facility functioning and safe, we have implemented some new changes to the building such as our new HVAC purifying system. While this may not be a feature we see on the day-to-day, it is extremely valuable to the health and well-being of our members and staff.

The pandemic has heightened all of our awareness surrounding health topics and daily activities that could put our health at risk.

Things we are doing: 


  • Blue light surface disinfector
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Sneeze guards in hot desk area
  • Mandatory maks in common areas
  • Socially distanced Dedicated Desk area
  • Motion censored lights and sinks
  • Air purifying system in the HVAC system 

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“GPS’ technologies are meant for “POP” The three primaiy contributors to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are: Particulates Odor & Pathogens.

Particulates: During the GPS cleaning process, air­borne particulates (dust, pet dander, pollen) are treated and theQ drawn together increasing their size and mass. Larger particulates are more easily captured effectively increasing the efficiency of a home’s air filters.

Odor & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs ): During the GPS cleaning process, cooking odors, pet odors and chemical odors, (like formaldehyde) are broken down into basic compounds free of any smell.

"Health has always been, and will continue to be desk chair’s main priority throughout all COVID-19 regulations and beyond."

The Team of desk chair Workspace

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Five Tables Closing To Public

December 7, 2020 (Loveland, CO)-  Five Tables Café, located in the desk chair workspace building, announced that it closed its doors to the public effective Friday, December 4.    

Five Tables Café served both the public and members of desk chair workspace, a coworking community.   It will continue to serve and support coworking members in the desk chair building with breakfast and lunch options, but has closed its services to the public due to the new Code Red restrictions.

“This is such an unfortunate set of circumstances.  Ashley, our head chef, and her team consistently created high quality, creative food options.  The Café was just hitting its stride in March when the first Code Red COVID restrictions were imposed on it.  The team re-huddled once the café was allowed to open again in May.  October found us flirting with pre-Covid numbers.  This second Code Red restriction forced our hand.  We had to change our business model.” said Jim Doherty, Community Manager of desk chair workspace.

A substantial source of revenue for Five Tables Café were the events held in the desk chair building.  All events are prohibited under Code Red, exacerbating the revenue struggles. 

Doherty continued, “Once Code Red is lifted, we plan to support our community by partnering with local restaurants and caterers for our private events. We believe this is a great opportunity to collaborate with our local small businesses.  But for now, we need to focus on taking care of our members.”