Member Spotlight: Brent Buck, Ajax Analytics

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Health officials: Go back to wearing your masks

Larimer County health officials are strongly recommending people, whether vaccinated or not, return to wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.

The county health department announced the new recommendation Wednesday afternoon, citing Larimer County’s high level of community transmission of COVID-19’s delta variant.

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Additional COVID-19 Precautions


It is extremely important to us at desk chair Workspace to keep our members safe and our space clean. Coworking communities, as a service, thrive to allow professionals to have an area outside of their home or remote workplace to be productive as possible, and we want to be able to facilitate that need.

In order to help keep our facility functioning and safe, we have implemented some new changes to the building such as our new HVAC purifying system. While this may not be a feature we see on the day-to-day, it is extremely valuable to the health and well-being of our members and staff.

The pandemic has heightened all of our awareness surrounding health topics and daily activities that could put our health at risk.

Things we are doing: 


  • Blue light surface disinfector
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Sneeze guards in hot desk area
  • Mandatory maks in common areas
  • Socially distanced Dedicated Desk area
  • Motion censored lights and sinks
  • Air purifying system in the HVAC system 

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“GPS’ technologies are meant for “POP” The three primaiy contributors to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are: Particulates Odor & Pathogens.

Particulates: During the GPS cleaning process, air­borne particulates (dust, pet dander, pollen) are treated and theQ drawn together increasing their size and mass. Larger particulates are more easily captured effectively increasing the efficiency of a home’s air filters.

Odor & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs ): During the GPS cleaning process, cooking odors, pet odors and chemical odors, (like formaldehyde) are broken down into basic compounds free of any smell.

"Health has always been, and will continue to be desk chair’s main priority throughout all COVID-19 regulations and beyond."

The Team of desk chair Workspace

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Member Spotlight: Brent Buck, Ajax Analytics

Meet Brent Buck

Brent is President & CEO of Ajax Analytics and member at desk chair workspace. Ajax Analytics performs environmental monitoring specializing in real-time oil and gas activity and other climate change concerns. Their job is to take data and make it consumable for the public—rather than just readable by scientists.

Member Spotlight: Brent Buck

Q : Tell us a little about your career and journey

B: I began with a major company as their Developer. I transitioned into their leading Software Consultant and stayed with that company and position for 15 years. I grew with the company and was fortunate to lead huge Enterprise companies such as JM Smucker, Disney, Volvo, and ADP. I worked with teams of 300+ with impressive budgets of around 10 million dollars. It was exciting. I was traveling 50 weeks a year and eventually, I got burnt out. I decided to take a break and become a stay at home dad. I met the founders of Ajax and helped them out for a bit. I now am the CEO.  Ajax has been in business since Nov 2016 and they keep growing.

Q : Give us your elevator pitch – describe your business in a few words.

“We leverage technology, modern software, and science to make environmental concerns consumable for the public”

Q : How did you come up with your business name?

B: The name AJAX was formed from the Eagle County Vail. When the team was exploring names, they decided on naming it after the mountain in Aspen.

Q : Have you always wanted to be doing what you are doing now? 

B: I have always wanted to lead a company and help it grow into something bigger. I love working with software to this level and build something to what it should be.

Q : How did you decide to choose coworking and what is your favorite part about it?

The biggest driver with co-working is COST. Having a small team, with the possibility of quick expansion, it was important to find somewhere that could be as flexible as we were. I wanted to put our team in a space that had great amenities but I really didn’t want to spend the capital that is needed to get a space that has those things to offer.

Q : How did you hear about desk chair workspace?

B: My wife and I came downtown on a Friday one night and we were walking by and she asked If I had looked into it.  We ended up on the rooftop and had a drink - - I got pricing and was sold on it from there.

Q : What is your favorite part about desk chair workspace?

B: The brick walls and art!

Q : What do you like to do for fun?

B: I live on Boyd Lake so, of course, I love to take the boat out in the summer. I like to snowboard. I like woodwork and metalwork.  I love to play with my kids!

Q : Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?

B: Here in Loveland - if we go by frequency, I like to pop into The Breakfast Club.  Pepper jack burrito - - it is my favorite!

Q : If you could share a drink or dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

B: Socrates or Thomas Edison - I believe it would be such a random, wandering conversation and I would learn so much.  You could learn a lot from him and learn how he thought about what he did and also the patterns of his thought.

What’s exciting for you right now? 
Brent Says… 

It has been a really fantastic adventure building Ajax into a company that citizens can trust for real environmental data. The state and local government can rely on them to execute and get real-time monitoring into the world. We help understand and identify real situations and learn how to fix them. We are trying to create a world where people can engage together and solve problems.

Read more about Ajax below:

If you are interested and taking a tour of desk chair workspace, feel free to call us at 970-462-9464 or submit a tour request form here 




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