Coworking spaces have helped fill a much-needed gap for entrepreneurs and start-ups that are seeking office space. They offer temporary spaces to businesses who are trying to find their way or to freelancers and satellite employees that need to rent desk space. As with any business decision, you should ask yourself questions to guide your decision making. Here are 5 questions we recommend asking before joining a coworking space.

What Is Your Intention For The Coworking Space?

Is it your intention to host meetings at this space or are you looking to get out of your home office and into a more collaborative working environment? Knowing your intention for the space will help guide your decision and determine what level of accommodation you will need.

Will The Space Be Beneficial To Your Productivity?

A coworking space will not belong to just you. There will be other people and teams coming in and out of the space and having conversations around you that could hurt your productivity. On the other side of the coin, you might build relationships with those around you and be able to bounce ideas off of one another, leading to an increase in productivity. Define what kind of environment works best for you, and look for a coworking space that reflects that.

Is The Space Going To Be Beneficial To Your Business?

One of the greatest benefits to a coworking space is that you get to build connections with like-minded individuals. There has been a history of collaborative work that leads to partnerships between individuals who share coworking space. Determine what kind of people you want to surround yourself with and see if the coworking space you had in mind is filled with those people.

Are You Going To Have Access To Individual Meeting Rooms?

There will be times when you’ll want to take a conversation behind doors. Check with your coworking space and their membership levels to determine if they allow you access to private rooms or conference rooms. You can check out desk chair’s membership levels and their various benefits here.

Can You Afford It?

If you’re a start-up or an entrepreneur, you should figure out if you will have the right amount of cash flow to afford office space. It is easy to get lost in the excitement of starting a new business that you may forget that you should be generating enough cash flow each month to pay for your office space. To learn more about desk chair’s membership options and pricing, visit here.

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