Virtual Office Loveland CO

Virtual Office

Starting at $50/month

Stop using a personal address for your business. desk chair offers virtual office memberships that will help establish your professional brand for your current and prospective clients. Take advantage of your freedom and work wherever you like, while still maintaining a stable business address.

Day Pass at Desk Chair

Day Pass

Starting at $25/Day

What better way to picture yourself in our location than to try it out for a day! Only need space part-time? take advantage of our High Speed internet, professional workspace and even our Rooftop Patio. A great way to experience desk chair’s work environment before joining us.
Hot Desk Loveland CO

Hot Desk


Free yourself from the confines of the traditional office space. Our Hot Desk option is the ultimate in flexibility. Grab an open seat in our hot desk area Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Did we mention the free pour of wine or beer?

Dedicated Desk Loveland CO

Dedicated Desk

Starting at $345/month

This option is designed for those who want a more permanent location or need more equipment day to day. Our dedicated desk option allows you to set-up and leave monitors and supplies in our secure facility with 24 hour building 

Private Office Space Loveland CO

Private Suite
(1-6 People)

Starting at $450/month/desk

From single desk suites to 6+ desk suites, find the right size office footprint to call your own and maximize your productivity in our furnished private offices. The ultimate flexibility solution – grab more desks as you grow!

Larger Team Office Space Loveland CO

Larger Team Office Space (6+ People)

Starting at $450/month/desk

Use one of our available large team offices or design your own custom office space based on your team’s size, work style and business needs. Tenant finishes will be considered. 

Office Kitchen Loveland CO

Refrigerator Available for Your Lunches

Community Table

Kitchen wares, silverware, plates, cups…

Garden Area

Self-serve dishwasher

Microwave, Keurig, Nespresso  & Toaster Oven

Printer and Scanner


  • Refrigerator
  • Printer & Scanner
  • Garden area
  • Community table
  • Kitchen wares, silverware, Plates, cups
  • Microwave, Toaster Oven, Coffee station
  • Self-serve dishwasher
Office Space Loveland

Kitchenettes call outs

  • Frig
  • Printer
  • Garden area
  • Coffee station
  • Plates, cups
  • Community table
  • Kitchen wares, silverware,
  • Microwave Self-serve dishwasher

Why be a part of our community?

Rocky Mountains
Private Rooftop Lounge with Views Of The Rocky Mountains
On Site Gym
On Site Gym
Concierge Level Support
Concierge Level Support
Month To Month Agreements
Wifi Network
Fiber Internet 1 gig up/ 1gig down
Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly
Copy & Mail Services
Copy & Mail Services
Conference Rooms Available
(4) conference rooms available
Outdoor & Indoor Workspaces
Outdoor & Indoor Workspaces
Beer & Wine on Tap
Beer and Wine on Tap

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Loveland, CO

Need a private office space “near me” in Loveland? Desk chair has flexible solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs in Loveland and the surrounding area.

Our state-of-the-art facility is the top choice for those who are looking at shared office listings in Loveland, CO. We offer several different types of office space “near me” in Loveland with access to a variety of perks, and any size to fit your needs.

Our office space location in Loveland, CO may be the key to the next stage of your business. With a beautiful office downtown, you can easily add more commercial space or scale back your office usage as necessary.

What Are the Features of Temporary Office Space Near Me?

Renting attractive office space “near me” in Larimer County gives you greater flexibility compared to a long-term lease. Spaces for rent are usually lengthy contracts, versus the month-to-month costs of office space “near me,” which often result in savings compared to standard commercial leases. Along with greater cost efficiency and collaboration features , plus things like complimentary coffee bar access and conference room access, temporary office space in Loveland, CO offers the following benefits:

  • Lower risk
  • Collaboration
  • Easier to scale
  • Creativity
  • Networking

Finding the best office space near me shouldn’t be a challenge. We offer affordable rates with no long-term commitments for comfortable, spacious private office spaces in Loveland, CO. 

Where Can I Find Private Office Space Near Me?

If you want temporary office space “near me” in Loveland, contact desk chair. We have a variety of options for virtual office space in Loveland, CO. Whether you need a dedicated desk, private suite, or temporary desk, we have you covered.

If you’re tired of endlessly searching for Fort Collins office space for lease, reach out to us today to discuss options for short-term office space in Northern Colorado, we’re conveniently located just south of Highway 34 and Highway 287. 



The amount of office space needed per person can vary depending on the industry, work style, and specific requirements. Generally, a rule of thumb is around 125-150 square feet per person for a traditional office. However, flexible workspaces like desk chair may offer different options and configurations tailored to your needs. It’s best to contact us directly to discuss your specific space requirements.
Flexible office space, offered by desk chair, provides adaptable work environments. It allows businesses to rent office space on flexible terms (month to month), often including coworking spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms. Users can scale space up or down as needed, promoting agility and cost-efficiency.
A coworking space, like those at desk chair, is a shared office environment where individuals and businesses work in a shared setting (kitchenettes, conference rooms, bathrooms, etc). It offers flexibility, amenities, and a collaborative atmosphere, allowing for a more cost-effective and dynamic work experience.
Before seeking office space, consider your business needs, budget, location, and desired amenities. We can help you identify suitable options, offering flexible terms, convenient locations, and a range of workspace solutions to meet your specific requirements.
Some office spaces, including those at desk chair, may offer pet-friendly options. However, policies can vary, so it’s advisable to inquire about specific guidelines and availability when considering an office space to accommodate your furry companions. desk chair workspace allows dogs as long as their owners rent a suite and their dogs play nice with others!
A coworking space at desk chair is a shared and collaborative work environment, fostering flexibility and community. A serviced office typically offers a more private and dedicated space, often with amenities and services included, catering to businesses seeking a more traditional office setup.
We offer various office space types to meet your unique needs. Options include coworking spaces for collaborative work, private offices for dedicated use, and meeting rooms for discussions. These spaces come with flexible terms and convenient amenities.
Leasing/renting typically involves a longer commitment, providing a dedicated office space. Coworking, as offered by desk chair, offers more flexibility with shorter-term agreements (month to month) allowing for expanding (and contracting) on the fly.
Yes, we provide furnished office spaces with essential equipment. Our workspaces are equipped with desks, chairs, file cabinets and other essential furnishings, creating a hassle-free environment for your business needs.
Yes, at desk chair, high-speed internet access is included in our office spaces. We offer reliable connectivity to ensure that your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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