With the holidays quickly approaching, some catch themselves sitting at their desk daydreaming of pumpkin pies and counting down the hours until they travel home for a much-needed break. Do not let the holiday season overshadow your motivation at work! Follow these 7 ways to find work-life balance during the holidays.

Plan Ahead

When looking at the schedule for upcoming holiday trips and travel, plan ahead at work. Make a date with your calendar to get a handle on all big projects and assignments by prioritizing based on deadlines. Not only will writing down help with remembering, it keeps you focused on long-term goals so the holidays are enjoyable without work interruptions.

Schedule Everything

Calendars are not just for work meetings and deadlines. Also mark in your personal and social events. Want to go to that new exercise class at your gym? Write it down. Dying to bake that new holiday pie you saw on Facebook? Write it down. Stick to the calendar – this is key for a balanced holiday season.

Say “No”

Trying to satisfy clients, coworkers, friends, and family can be draining and can put a drag on your holiday season. If you have the slightest bit of hesitation for a new work project or social event, think twice before agreeing to add that on to your workload.

Spread Holiday Cheer

As much as we wish we did not have to, we all must work during the holidays. Bringing holiday cheer to work can be a great alternative to the long, relaxing Christmas breaks we got during our school years. Listening to Christmas music, making holidays treats for the entire office or enjoying a hot cup of apple cider on your break are just a few ways to boost your Christmas spirit.

Add One More Workout To Your Week

The holidays can be fun, but sometimes we need that extra boost of energy to deal with the craziness the season brings.  Adding one more spin class or a trip to the weight room to your week can give you that much-needed extra boost – without the crash that comes with caffeine.

Make Time To Shop

Use your lunch breaks to pick up one or two Christmas gifts in the weeks leading to the big day. Not only does this help with buying gifts over a longer period of time, but it allows you to get some fresh air and out of the office.

Avoid Your Stressors

If the Christmas meal is stressing you out, don’t do it and have someone cater. If shopping puts you on edge, everyone loves gift cards. Don’t live up to someone else’s Christmas expectations, stay happy instead! Know your stressors and avoid them for a merry holiday season.

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