You know time is money. You also probably know that working remotely or being your own boss comes with its own demands on your time. Fortunately, technology has your back: With a better understanding of how people work (and live), developers are creating time saving apps that help you focus on staying productive, not mindless tasks. The bad news is you’ll still need to keep a command of your time with great time management skills if you’re an entrepreneur. The good news? You’re about to have a lot more time to manage.


Tired of brainless, monotonous tasks? Let IFTT (short for If This, Then That) handle all your recurring tasks. Simply set up rules between services such as Dropbox, Twitter, Slack or any one of IFTTT’s more than 600 linked platforms, and automate simple tasks like automatically archiving Facebook images to your Google Drive.

Brewster Address Book

You probably have as many contact books as you do social media platforms, email accounts and instant messaging apps (that’s a lot). Brewster Address Book collects all that contact information into a single app, making it easy to get in touch with your contacts – without bouncing between a zillion platforms.


Calendar applications aren’t known for reaching across the aisle and making it easy for people who use other platforms to schedule with you. Sunrise serves as a bridge between most of the major calendar and scheduling platforms, allowing you to make and change plans without wrestling with everyone’s chosen app.


You may not have the budget for a personal assistant, but as an entrepreneur, you almost certainly have the need for one. Zirtual gives you a virtual personal assistant that’s able to manage your schedule, respond to emails and handle a slew of other tiny administrative tasks.


Stop spending your morning trolling through your favorite websites and blogs for new content. Feedly scrapes headlines and links to your favorite online publications and collects them in an easy to navigate news feed.

Beyond Time Saving Apps

Time-saving apps aren’t the only way to stay productive. Join desk chair™ workspace and let our concierge service handle your day-to-day tasks, while saving on the cost of traditional workspace. Call 970-462-9464 or visit our Contact Page to schedule your tour.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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