Welcome to our new conversational blog series, “Q&A Success Stories,” where our exceptional members share their experiences, cherished moments, and the impact desk chair has had on their professional and personal lives. Through these stories, we aim to celebrate the diverse achievements and highlight the supportive culture that defines desk chair—a space where success thrives amidst collaboration and community. 

Our first featured member is the lovely Betty Cozzolino, whose experience embodies the essence of what desk chair represents—a community-driven workspace that fosters innovation, connection, and personal growth. Betty’s journey, from joining desk chair as the Marketing Director to establishing her own thriving business, demonstrates the power of connection in our space and the ability it has to nurture each individual’s growth. 

Let’s Begin!

When did you first join desk chair?

I became a part of the desk chair community in 2018 when my husband and I relocated from Iowa to Loveland. My initial role at desk chair was as the Marketing Director.

It’s funny how everything fell into place, my fiancé ( now husband ) and I moved here 5 years ago from Iowa and I was lucky enough to land the Marketing role here at desk chair. Even as an employee, being in this space, I have felt the benefits of coworking. Being new to a community can be difficult and overwhelming but being at desk chair opened so many doors of opportunity for me. You see every walk of life come through those desk chair doors every day. I have found lifelong friends here, I established my own business here and even have found clients through our members. Our move to Colorado would have been so much different without desk chair.”

 – Betty Maisenbach, Marketing Director- desk chair workspace | Owner BC Digital 

Betty Maisenbach, Marketing Director- desk chair workspace | Owner BC Digital 

How did you hear about desk chair?

I first became aware of desk chair when I received a call from a recruiter who was looking to fill the Marketing Director position at the company. I was immediately captivated by the concept and the opportunity to play a pivotal role in such a vibrant and dynamic community.

What was your first experience like?

My initial experience at desk chair was honestly a bit overwhelming. I was transitioning from a more traditional office environment with my own cubicle to the dynamic and flexible setting of a coworking space. It took some time for me to adapt to the new workstyle. However, I soon discovered that desk chair had numerous quiet nooks and crannies where I could find solitude and concentrate on my tasks. I also observed that the vibrant and social atmosphere, while initially distracting, added a unique sense of community to the workspace, which ultimately enhanced my overall experience.

How did you find yourself working for desk chair?

As the Marketing Director at desk chair, my role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities aimed at promoting and growing the coworking space. I was tasked with developing and executing a strategic marketing plan, managing the brand identity, and overseeing both digital and offline marketing efforts. This included activities such as member acquisition, retention strategies, community engagement, budget management, and in-depth analytics and reporting. I collaborated closely with other departments to align marketing efforts with the overall business objectives, conducted market research, established partnerships, and ensured compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in content creation and collected member feedback to drive continuous improvements. In essence, my role was to create and nurture a vibrant coworking community while effectively marketing the unique benefits of desk chair to our target audiences.

How would you describe the desk chair environment?

The environment at desk chair is best characterized as dynamic, inclusive, and collaborative, with a rich history that’s seamlessly blended with modern elegance. Housed in a meticulously renovated mid-century modern building, desk chair exudes a unique charm and sophistication. The building’s history adds depth to the workspace, with nods to its heritage tastefully integrated into the design. 

The stunning mid-century modern remodel has transformed the space into a visual masterpiece, featuring sleek lines, retro aesthetics, and an abundance of natural light. But it’s not just about aesthetics; the space is infused with functionality and comfort, with a variety of private workspaces and communal areas that cater to different workstyles. 

What truly sets desk chair apart is the incredible artwork gracing its walls and common areas. The curated collection of art adds an inspiring and creative dimension to the environment, making it an ideal place for professionals to thrive, collaborate, and find inspiration. Members are surrounded by beauty and innovation, creating a workspace that truly nurtures both work and imagination. The result is an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and a strong sense of belonging within the desk chair community.

What is your favorite part about the space and desk chair in general?
One of the aspects of desk chair that I truly value is the availability of the on-site gym facility, which has been a fantastic resource for me to refresh and recharge during my workday. However, the genuine highlight of my experience at desk chair lies in the incredible team of employees. They are the heart and soul of this coworking space, and their unwavering commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive environment is truly remarkable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of individuals who are more caring, friendly, and genuinely good-hearted anywhere else. Their presence elevates the sense of community and camaraderie at desk chair, making it a truly exceptional place to work and connect with others.

What is a normal day for you like? 

Coffee, always start the day with coffee. Sometimes I would even treat myself to a nice breakfast from Sandos Cafe. 

What has been one of your favorite events?
One of my most cherished experiences was being a part of hosting Tommy Caldwell at our AMp UP event. This event stands out as a personal favorite due to its significance and the memorable challenges it presented. It was one of the most ambitious projects I had taken on at that point, spanning multiple days and involving intricate planning and coordination. Collaborating closely with Jessie, the event director at desk chair, made the entire process not only seamless but also exceptionally thrilling. It was a moment of immense pride to see the event come to life successfully and to witness the impact it had on our community.

Can you speak on how desk chair has created a collaborative community and how it has helped you in your life?
Desk chair has created an extraordinary collaborative community that has profoundly impacted my life. It’s a place where creativity thrives, and connections flourish. Working at desk chair opened doors to countless incredible people in our community, leading to exciting opportunities and partnerships. Beyond professional growth, desk chair has been a source of genuine support, both personally and professionally. It’s a network of friends and mentors who celebrate successes and offer guidance during challenges. In fact, it was the inspiration from this vibrant community that encouraged me to open my own business, which will celebrate its second anniversary in March 2024. In short, desk chair is a catalyst for growth, an inspiration, and a haven for collaboration that has enriched my life in countless ways.

How has desk chair in general created a community within Loveland as well?
Desk chair has played a pivotal role in creating a thriving community within Loveland in several ways. Firstly, its central location in the heart of downtown has made it a hub for professionals, bringing together key leaders from various sectors in our community. Furthermore, desk chair’s commitment to giving back is evident through its generous donations and hosting of community events. These initiatives not only strengthen the bonds within the coworking space but also extend its positive impact to the broader Loveland community, fostering a sense of togetherness and collaboration that enriches the city as a whole.

Describe one of your favorite conversations/memories you have had during your time there.
One of the most cherished memories during my time at desk chair was the post-COVID reunion in 2020. We all endured the challenges and uncertainties of that year, and I vividly recall the first time we were able to come back together as a group, after the restrictions were lifted. The atmosphere was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. It was a moment when the vibrant community at desk chair truly shone. The smiles, laughter, and heartfelt conversations that ensued were a testament to the resilience and bond that had been forged during those difficult times. It was a reminder of the strength of our community and the incredible support system it provided when it was needed most.

Do you have a favorite spot at desk chair? If yes, why is this your favorite place?

One of my favorite spots at desk chair is the secluded and serene outdoor terrace areas with hidden nooks. These peaceful corners of the space provide a perfect retreat for me, especially during the early fall and late spring. I have fond memories of taking my book outdoors, immersing myself in the fresh air and basking in the gentle sunlight on my skin. These hidden outdoor spots offer a sense of tranquility and a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of daily work, making them my go-to places for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you are talking about desk chair to someone interested, what is something you would tell them?
If I were recommending desk chair to someone interested, I would emphasize the importance of taking the leap and joining this vibrant coworking community. I would highlight that isolation can be detrimental to one’s creativity and inspiration, and being a part of desk chair provides the perfect antidote by offering a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and personal growth.

Curious to experience firsthand the vibrant community? Take the leap and become a part of our coworking space, where opportunities for collaboration and personal growth abound. Join us at desk chair, where creativity flourishes, connections blossom, and success finds a home amidst a welcoming and supportive community. Your journey toward growth and inspiration awaits—let’s begin together!”

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