As much as we would like to say a strong foundation and an organized team holds a company together, customers are the life support to any business. Increasing your customer base not only keeps your company alive, it allows growth and expansion. Where do you start looking for more customers? The value of a company is based on the value of its customers and learning to generate beneficial leads make or break a company, no matter the size. Start with the following tips from desk chair™ to start building your customer base.

Target Audience

Not only is identifying your company’s target audience important, but digging deep and understanding their needs leads to better insights and developing personalized services. Why personalized marketing? Easy: Because it works! Get to know your customers any number of ways including:

Demographics – data relating to population and groups within the population (income, age, gender, etc.)

Psychographics – data of attitudes and hobbies in a certain demographic.

Ethnographic – data of different cultures and customs.

Divide & Conquer

Companies focus on two types of clients: current and future. Obtaining new clients and continuing solid relationships with current clients need an equal amount of time. Do not focus on one more than another as both are important for growing a good customer base.

Great Customer Service

Think to a time you had terrible customer service at a store? Did you want to go back and spend more money with that company? No! A client contacting customer support for the first time is just as important as a client calling for the tenth time. Keep your customers coming back for more by offering consistently great customer service.

Play to Strengths

Trying a range of marketing approaches and strategies is definitely worth testing out but remember, stick to what you know and the strengths of your company. What works for you may not work for every company and vise versa.

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