We interrupt your normal feed of coworking and all of its amazing benefits (shameless plug) to talk about our beloved hometown of Loveland, COThe name itself celebrates love and the town especially represents and holds true to the namesake, The Sweetheart City.

During the month of February, Loveland is known for special traditions that bring together community and attract attention from across the nation. However, February has become a time for many more traditions that extend beyond the holiday and represent the amount of growth this city has experienced.

Valentine’s Day Card Stamps 

For over 70 years, Loveland has become a hub for re-mailing Valentine’s Day messages. People from all 50 states and over 110 countries send in their love notes to be hand-stamped and sent off by one of the many volunteers who devote their time to make the holiday special. The town receives over 120,000 cards every year, and while it might be too late to partake in this tradition for 2020, mark your calendars for next year because the program starts as early as January!

Made In Loveland | FEB 5th – 28th

2020 brings the resurgence of Made In Loveland. For the whole month of February, the focus is entrepreneurship and is highlighting local success stories to inspire a community that is constantly growing in business. Walking through downtown Loveland is a prideful experience for locals. Almost every business is owned by a familiar face that has worked hard to establish a small business in this town. Made In Loveland is celebrating that entrepreneurial spirit by hosting workshops, speakers, and networking events to keep building on that growth. Check the schedule, attend an event, and find out why Loveland’s business culture has sky-rocketed.

Sweetheart Festival | FEB 14th & 15th

Sticking to the Valentine’s celebrations, Loveland’s Sweetheart Festival was built around the holiday but has grown to be more about community than anything. You’ll find businesses staying open late, an increase in downtown participation, and people running 4 miles in (sometimes!) freezing temps. The weekend brings together people of all ages from Loveland and beyond and creates a spotlight on the close-knit community and the outpouring of support from locals. There are activities and events taking place throughout the neighborhood that shed light on the new and old traditions that business owners, artists, and community members are honoring.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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