Free-lance? Entrepreneur? Tech junkie leaning into the side hustle? Let’s talk a little bit about hot desk here at desk chair, and how it might be the solution for you.

The Beauty Of Freedom: What Is Desk Chair And WHAT Is Hot Desk?

Add the element of sophistication to your free-lance lifestyle with Desk Chair. Desk chair is a step above the traditional coworking space. The desk chair approach to the coworking model mirrors that of the hospitality industry, providing more than just a workspace by adding support and resources to help individuals start, sustain, and grow their businesses.

The hot desk option gives you all (maybe even more) amenities that a traditional office space may allow you, but the freedom of working for yourself, on your own time. Maybe you are new to the area and looking for like-minded individuals who share in the hustle of working for themselves? Desk chair gives you that opportunity to focus on truly forming a community and to look at the big picture of your business without having to worry about the day to day tasks that come with starting your own business in your own space.

Traditionally, some may think that coworking may be too expensive for the freelancers of the world. Not at desk chair. One of the most affordable options that we have is the hot desk option. The hot desk option is the most flexible of options, as you are able to rent month to month. Hot desk members have access to one of the 16 desks available on the first floor. The Hot desk membership gives you access to everything from conference and meeting space, to an onsite fitness center.

The Best Part Of Desk Chair?

Five Tables Café, located right on the first floor. Five tables provide healthy, wholesome food, while quickly and efficiently fueling your productivity.

Guess what?

With your membership at desk chair, you get a FREE glass of wine or beer at the end of your workday, on the house! Tell me what else you would need to get started on your next big goal, project or business plan? Don’t wait, book a tour today, then stop by to have a drink with us when you’re finished!

Hot desk membership:  $250 per month membership allows Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. access, 2 hours of conference room access every month and 120 black & white, 20 color copies each month Read more of our blogs by visiting our page

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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