With the holidays drawing near, downtown Loveland offers a variety of shops filled with presents for all who are nice and naughty this Christmas season. Find your perfect gift with Five Tables Cafe’s guide to shopping downtown Loveland.

For a shop full of unique items, visit Cloz to Home. Since opening in 2006, the store has grown from a small clothing store to a one-stop shop for home décor and furniture.

Attention all vinyl collectors and music connoisseurs, Loveland’s Downtown Sound is the place for you. This business offers trades and buys gear and vinyl, repair services and a large selection of vinyl records, guitars, amplifiers and stereo equipment.

David Heskin and Aloria Weaver display their artwork in Loveland’s downtown art gallery: Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios. This gallery hosts regular painting and drawing classes and special workshops taught by the artist themselves. Visit all of Loveland’s art galleries.

Rabbask Designs features over 100 artists showcasing glass, jewelry, porcelain, oil, pastels, sculptures and much more. With items from around the world, Jacqueline Marsh, artist and creator of Rabbask Designs, strives to make every work a collector’s piece.

Need for speed? Skate Ratz provides a full-service skate shop, skateboards, longboards, derby wear and safety gear for all ages and sizes. Their motto: “If you can break it, we can fix it!”

Travel back in time when you walk into Loveland’s Vintage Willows. This boutique offers vintage apparel and accessories for all.

Condiments mean much more than the original ketchup, mustard and mayo to The Condiment Queen. Visit this shop for unusual marinades, mustards, jellies, pasta and dip mixes from Colorado and around the world.

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