As I spend more work days at desk chair™ workspace, I have found the “spots” where I am most productive. Generally, these spots are in the Hot Desks membershipWhat are Hot Desks? Sitting at any open desk or any comfortable shared working area in the space, these desks offer the most flexible membership at desk chair workspace. This $250 per month membership allows Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. access, 2 hours of conference room access every month and 120 black & white, 20 color copies each month. The Hot Desk membership allows me to move as I please and more importantly, work as I please. This flexibility is perfect for any type of work especially those needing inspiration from the surrounding areas.

Areas in the Hot Desk membership include inside conference rooms, outdoor seating, rooftop patio, sit-stand desks throughout the workspace and many more. I would like to select one spot my favorite place to work but there is no way I can narrow down the list. From the open concept rooms to overlooking downtown Loveland on the top floor, desk chair offers the best areas to not only be productive but also enjoy the historic building’s charm. Below are photos where you will find me on most Mondays.


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