Renting office space is essential to your business. It provides you with a space where you can entertain and talk to clients. But renting office space versus renting co-working office space near Loveland, CO, is a different thing entirely. If you’re wondering which option suits your needs better, let’s start with office space. How much space do you and your team need?

Renting Office Space

Most buildings only offer office space. It’s up to you to buy the furniture, from the desks and chairs to the consoles, workstations, machines, and more. That can add up to a lot of costs. You’ll also need room for everything. In some cases, you’ll also need to whip the rental space into shape, hiring painters and carpenters to fix everything before you and your team move into the building.

Renting a Co-Working Space

A co-working space offers you a place where you and your team can work without having to shell out a dollar for several desktops, a printer, a photocopier machine, and other office gadgets and supplies. This is the perfect solution if you’re running a startup and want to save on operational costs. You don’t need as much room in a co-working space, too. Shared spaces ensure that your employees can work from multiple spaces and choose wherever they are most comfortable. Here’s a short list of benefits that you can expect.

  • Shared Equipment
  • In most offices, people are required to work at only one desk. That means you’ll need to provide every member with a desktop or workstation, which can eat a big hole in your budget, especially for startups. In co-working spaces, your teams can share workstations and equipment, so you save on costs.

  • Hot Desks
  • Co-working spaces provide you with a complete office setup, so you won’t have to worry if not everyone on the team can BYOL to work. You can provide them with workstations, desktops, and phones.

  • Cost
  • You don’t need to put your money into equipment, office space, or machines. You don’t need to tie down your cash flow into one of these things. Co-working spaces provide a more flexible arrangement financially so that you can take your time until your organization has a steady cash flow.

  • Amenities
  • The best co-working spaces give you excellent value for your money. They provide you with an air conditioned space complete with office supplies, machines, and programs, so you virtually have everything you need to get your business off the ground.

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