Whether you are just starting out, or you find that your business is growing, the amount of office space you need can be a tricky calculation. Too little space can mean that your employees feel cramped together, and too much office space can throw your operations expenses over the edge. So how do you decide how much office space you really need?

How Many People Do You Currently Employ?

Start out with how many people you employ. Are you a small shop with just a handful of people or are you a larger business that needs space for hundreds of employees? This is the best starting point as you can ballpark the amount of space you’re going to need by estimating anywhere from 60 to 150 square feet per person. This might not seem like much, but more businesses, like Google, have less dedicated square footage per employee and more square footage for shared spaces.

What Type Of Workspaces Do Your People Need?

Knowing what kind of workspace your people need is going to further help you determine how much total space you need. Does each person need their own individual office or can they work just fine in a shared workspace? Additionally, will you need rooms for conferences and collaboration? Shared workspaces are going to be on the lower end of the square footage spectrum noted above, and individual offices are going to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Once you have determined how your employees are going to work, you can add square footage to your estimate for conference rooms and collaboration spaces.

What Are Your Growth Expectations?

After you have completed figuring out the amount of space needed to accommodate your current employees as well as other needs like conference rooms, you are going to need to consider any future growth. Do you expect to add a significant amount of employees in the next few years? What roles are they going to have? Adding an executive in the future might mean adding 150 square feet versus adding another salesperson might mean only needing an additional 60 square feet. These are important to consider as you want to ensure there is enough space to grow naturally.

Find Your Office Space

Once all of these considerations are made, you can likely estimate the right amount of square footage needed for your new office. If you’re not looking at a huge amount of space, a co-working office, like desk chair  might be your best bet.

At desk chair  , our office space is perfect for anyone looking to provide flexible working space for their employees. Our members can benefit from private suites, hot desks, or customizable workspaces. To become a desk chair ™ member, visit our sign up page  today!

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