Finding a new office space is a great move for your business, but the process can be very daunting. Between the hundreds of office spaces to check and the challenges of negotiating leases, you never know whether you are making the right choice. Therefore, you must create a formula to help you find a desirable office space. Here we highlight four steps to finding an office space in Loveland, CO.

Analyze your office space needs

Before looking for private office space near Loveland, CO, consider your particular office needs. First will be the number of employees you have, your equipment, and the type of business. Next, look at other factors like parking, available public transportation and the possibility of expansion.

Also, consider whether your organization prefers more privacy in day-to-day operations. This factor allows you to select a location that offers confidentiality. After considering all these factors, narrowing down your possible office locations will be easier.

Consider Your Budget

Your office space will consume a huge chunk of your business operating costs. Therefore, finding an option that you can afford annually is crucial. Office costs may vary depending on location, amenities, building class and security costs. First, analyze the local area rental costs to compare building sizes and the cost of setting up an office.

After averaging the cost based on square footage, add the common area maintenance fees for elevators, lobbies and hallways for a complete estimation. Once all is done, use your estimation to find a shared office space in Loveland, CO, that is within budget.

Work with a Tenant Broker

If you feel too much to consider, find a commercial l real estate broker to assist you. These brokers understand the ins and outs of the local market and will save you a lot of time.
They make it easy for you to find an office space that suits your company’s size, budget, and needs. If you need to relocate your office sooner, commercial real estate brokers can handle the negotiation of your lease.

Tour Available Spaces for Rent

After creating a checklist for what you want in a shared office space in Loveland, CO, it is time to tour and find spaces. Touring helps determine whether your prospective office has everything you need for daily operations.

These amenities benefit you and your clients because they leave a long-lasting impression on them. Find an agent to show you around to see if everything is in good condition and maintenance of the common area maintenance fees.

Considering the factors discussed above, you will find an office that works for your needs. You must ensure the space is within your budget to avoid overspending. Settling for shared office space as a small company will save you time and money that you can channel to other business purposes.

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