With its bustling technology and creative industries, Northern Colorado is a great home base for freelancers. It’s a big step to get a freelance career started, but desk chair™ workspace can help you establish yourself quickly. Learn how to start freelancing with support from your coworking space and support of its community.

Whether you’re jumping into full-time freelance work or starting out with baby steps, desk chair workspace offers the best environment in Loveland to start your freelance business.

  • Build Your Brand: It’s never too early to start thinking of your business as a brand. Develop business cards, a simple website and sales materials as early in your career as possible. These are essential in establishing your credibility. Think beyond printed materials, too: Start coming up with ideas about what makes you different from other freelancers or business on the block.
  • Hang Your Shingle: Although it used to be standard for freelancers to work out of a home office, many now recognize the benefits a shared workspace provides. Enjoy a professional location suitable for client meetings without long-term commitments with desk chair workspace’s month-to-month lease arrangements.
  • Identify Target Clients: Even after you’re established, marketing and sales will require a large portion of your time. Right off the bat, it’s your top priority. Whether you’re going to Chamber of Commerce events, social mixers or are setting sales appointments, start building contacts early. Because desk chair is home to professionals from many industries, you’ll be able to grow your professional network by just meeting those around you.
  • Set Your Prices: Many new freelancers don’t know how to start freelancing profitably. Don’t undervalue your services. Many clients won’t take you seriously if you underprice yourself. Don’t underestimate your revenue needs, either: Your hourly rate will likely need to be higher than you expect when doing client work to cover all your marketing and administrative time.
  • Focus on the Finish: Don’t let marketing distract you from delivering high-quality work to your clients. Without a strong portfolio and client experience, you’ll never establish yourself. When you turn to desk chair workspace’s concierge service, we can handle mailings, arranging appointments, making copies and other administrative details.

We have all the resources you need to learn how to start freelancing with desk chair workspace. Schedule a visit to see why we’re the perfect home base for freelancers in Loveland. Call us at 970-462-9644 or request a tour online.

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