Benjamin McConnell

We can all relate to this idea that life will take us down a grand path that we never anticipated. We feel like life should take us on a journey one day, taking us down twists and turns and then BAM you wake up with a vision and purpose… at least that’s what we all hope happens to us. We all have “big ideas” and “dreams” but many of us don’t have the grit to put it into action, I mean in reality, life seems to just get in the way, am I right? However, some actually do. I would like to introduce you to one of our first desk chair coworkers AND our first Member Spotlight featuring Benjamin McConnell. Benjamin McConnell has over 15 years’ experience working in large enterprise IT departments, Ben’s true passion is in helping small business owners thrive.

As a certified Enterprise Software Architect, Ben has a passion for business architecture. He’s well versed in a myriad of business analysis and modeling techniques that enable process-centric design of business solutions. He loves sharing these tools with business leaders and helping them improve their existing products and services, or create new ones. In addition to running Blue Parable, Ben continues to serve as Manager of Digital Marketing and E-commerce for Cloz LLC, a growing, multi-location boutique retailer owned and operated by his fiancée Anna Gutierrez and her mother Penne Sperry.  

Continue reading to learn more about Ben in this months Member Spotlight: 

Q: Ben, tell us a little more about Blue Parable

B: Blue Parable was founded to address the out-of-control complexity and cost associated with today’s business software. We provide software and services focused on helping small businesses compete through internet sales channels. We believe that software and the internet create great opportunities for small businesses to compete with large businesses on a national scale. But we also know that it’s still too difficult for small businesses to get started. That’s where we come in. Our hope is to become a trusted partner and help take businesses to new heights through internet sales.

Q: What the heck does Blue Parable mean exactly?

B: Blue is my favorite color and parable is a theoretical technology term.

Q: How did you choose your profession?

B: I didn’t exactly choose my profession actually. Honestly, I was ditching class a lot in high school and one of my teachers took an interest in me. Vicki Thompson was her name. She recommended that I apply for a job through the school district. I didn’t have big visions or huge aspirations growing up but as I got into my career, I quickly saw that I wanted to own my own business one day and that is how I started on this path.

Q: So, you actually were one of the first members here at desk chair, tell me about that!

B: I think I saw it under construction one day and I walked into to check it out. Then, when things started finishing up, I took another tour and here we are today- in my favorite corner spot in the building. I like to keep an eye on my Fiancés shop across the street, I can see her from my window. So cute 😊

Q: Why do you enjoy working at desk chair workspace? 

B: There are a lot of reasons! The staff is great! ( thanks Ben ) I love all the amenities, BEER and lots and lots of coffee. I really enjoy all the events, especially the rooftop. The networking is great, financially it would be stupid for me not to continue here because of all the people I have met!  

Q: Tell us, what is your favorite part about coworking in general?

B: I love the different disciplines of it, all of the knowledge and skills under one roof. It is really cool all the different people you get to meet through coworking.

Q: What is your favorite part about working specifically at desk chair coworking?

B: The member happy hour is always a great time  

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

B: Build businesses… and drink beer of course.

Q: What would you like to share with the readers?

I Just launched a new product called “E-commerce Launch Service”

You can check it out under my services at

I also offer free business consulting through the SBDC

Come take a tour today!


Let’s Network Together?

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