Meet Jenny Starck

Jenny is by far one of the busiest members we have in our desk chair community. On any given day, you will find Jenny running around all over the building interviewing future employees. We love having her here at desk chair. Join us as we get to know a little more about Jenny below.

Q : Tell us a little about your career and journey

J: I was a director at an early childhood school, loved the people portion of that position.  It led me to pursue a career in human resources.  I started with prime source 3 years, and it was my first experience with human resources at this capacity.  This year I just went from being part-time to full time.  I like that every day is different and that it is busy!  I love meeting new people and getting to engage with people all day!

Q : Have you always wanted to be doing what you are doing now?

J: No – I went to school to be an interior designer, and I graduated when the economy tanked.  I went back to what I knew best, which was education. After having experience in the management side of the education system, I learned that I enjoyed engaging with people, interacting, and problem-solving. This ultimately led me to my human resources career.

Q : How did you decide to choose coworking and what is your favorite part about it?

J: It can be lonely in an office by yourself. Love the open concept, bus access, and co-working being social.

Q : How did you hear about desk chair workspace?

J: My family is involved in the Loveland community, living in Loveland their whole life.  My mother in law knew Doug and was coming to the grand opening and so I looked into it.

Q : What is your favorite part about desk chair workspace?

J: I think the members, the staff that runs it – everyone is so incredibly friendly!  It feels like I have co-workers!

Q : If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be?

J: My uncle who recently passed away – he left us too soon and I would love to have one last dinner with him.

Q : What do you like to do for fun?

J: Spend time with my family!  I recently just got into a lady’s golf league!

Q : Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?

I had stated that my favorite local business was 340 Day Spa for some amazing relaxation. 😊

Q : Share something exciting with us

Our office in Loveland is the biggest that it has ever been in the gross margin!  We have now reached 15% of our company.  Which is the biggest that our location has ever been!

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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