Lorraine Schaeffer

There are some people you meet in the world that truly have beautiful energy about them. It almost floats with them from room to room, leaving a lingering positivity on everything they touch. If you are a member of the building, you know Lorraine. She is a small-framed woman, with an infectious personality that reaches out and touches you. On any given week she might be doing a yoga challenge, planning her next Pacific Coast Trail adventure with her daughter or simply taking part in our member events enjoying a beer in the Café. It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to one of our Coworking members, Lorraine Schaeffer.

Check out her story.

Q : Tell us a little about your career journey

L: I got married, started having a family, and started a business with my husband at the time. We did technical services for cycling events, whether that was road cycling, mountain biking, even snowboarding. How cool. Now, this was all before everything went digital in racing. We would lug our equipment from location to location, actually taking film of the “photo finish,” and reading the film for race times right there on location! We did that for about 10 years. I remember there started to be times where I would have a race in California I would have to be at and then my husband would have to be somewhere in New York. It was a lot.  I got tired of traveling out of state with 3 little ones, so I decided the next step for me would be to get my real estate license. Honestly, it has become a family business. My father was the broker when I got started so it made for an easy transition!  Now my daughter has her broker’s license, and the rest is history. I have been selling real estate for 23 + years now! I like to think that “time fly’s when you’re having fun.

Q : Give us your elevator pitch – describe your business in a few words.

L: I love to help people realize their dreams and real estate is one those major decisions when chasing those dreams. My business is a seamless transition to help make those large buying decisions and chase those dreams into reality.

Q : How did you come up with your business name?

L: My dad picked it actually! I never have asked him where it came from..

Q : Have you always wanted to be doing what you are doing now?

L: No, I think my childhood career was being a veterinarian or something but I have always been good at finding solutions and problem solving – so naturally, real estate made sense!

Q : How did you decide to choose coworking and what is your favorite part about it?

L: I have always loved the differences of people, I love that coworking environments allow people to come together and expand on your usual crowd. I like this type of environment because it is motivating to me to be around people of all background and talent.

Q : How did you hear about desk chair workspace?

L: I drove by it a few years ago when it was under construction, and so I looked it up online. At first, I thought it was all “groundworks” concept. Then I ran into someone that happened to know more about the space and learned that it wasn’t all for the makers space and scheduled a tour to check it out. Now, here I am!

Q : What is your favorite part about desk chair workspace?

L: Honestly, it’s all about the people who work here. I also love the space; it is beautiful and the aesthetics are incredible. We love you too 😊

Q : What do you like to do for fun?

L: Everything and Anything!  I like outdoor activities such as snowboarding, climbing, kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding, longboarding, and so many more!  I also love drinking coffee and drinking beer!

Q : Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?

L: That is kind of hard – Dark Heart might be one of my favorite local businesses!

Member Sharing Point

I sell both rural and residential real estate, about 50% is in each area, and because of this, I get the best of both worlds!  Some exciting changes that I have coming is that my daughter is getting her real estate license today actually 2/28, and now we get to carry this family business on!  I am super excited to start working with my daughter – it is going to be a lot of fun!

You can reach me at (970) 482-4004, or my website is www.NWcolorado.com.

Come find me at Desk Chair!! Are you interested in checking out our space? Visit our page to schedule a tour here!


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