Right now, check your desk. Do you see small mountains of paperwork, half-empty coffee mugs and empty candy wrappers laying around? If that’s the case, you are hurting your productivity. Studies show people working in messy environments are less efficient, more impatient and less persistent when faced with problems. Follow desk chair™ workspace’s desk organization tips to help professionals boost productivity.

  • Important Items: First, identify what is most important to you during the normal workday. Phone, glasses, water bottle, pens, coffee mug – position your most used items closest to you and work outward. The more important and often used, the closer it should be. Then, go through the rest of the items and decide if it needs to stay or if it can be put away.
  • Everything Has a Home: Labeled shelves, color-coded binders and coat hooks are just a few ways to stay organized. Establish spaces for different functions: workspace for your computer, shelving for all books, storage area for office supplies and cabinets for filing archives. Once you give everything a place, set limits on the number of items each space is allotted.
  • Cleaning Appointments: Along with scheduling your weekly client calls, pencil in a weekly cleaning session with your desk. It is important to stay on top of your mess to avoid clutter turning into something too intimidating to deal with.
  • So Fresh So Clean: Picking up your workspace is only half the battle. Once a week, disinfect your most used items on your desk to prevent the spread of germs and the amount of judgment from your coworkers. Phones, keyboards and monitors are a few areas to always keep looking and smelling fresh.
  • A Digital Nightmare: Not only is a clean physical workspace important, but also a digitally clean computer. Don’t waste your day searching for files or digging through emails, create a system of labeled folders to help you find items quicker throughout the workday.

Staying organized can be easier when you travel light. Remote workers at a shared workspace such as desk chair™ come and go as they need, guaranteeing Hot Desk members start with a clean workspace each day.

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