As an entrepreneur or the founder of a startup, you are probably considering a shared workspace or co-working location as a viable office space option. While these are increasing in popularity, you might be wondering if one of these shared workspaces is right for you and your business. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide if a shared workspace is right for your startup.


1. Networking Opportunities

Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs and startup founders is great for networking. Shared workspaces are filled with people with similar goals, and you can learn a lot from the people around you. This can lead to access to partnerships and other opportunities for you and your business.

2. Flexibility

The greatest advantage to shared workspaces is their flexibility. Typically, you can come and go as you please at any hour of the day. They have many different kinds of spaces for you and your team to work in including hot desks, private suites, and customizable workspaces. Additionally, they are flexible in that you pay monthly for office space. This can give you peace of mind when you might fall into periods where having office space is less important.

3. Amenities

When you lease office space, you often also have to furnish the space, get wifi and phone lines set up, and arrange employee parking. Shared workspaces allow you to show up and get to work. It’s simple and easy! Additionally, you can skip worrying about the maintenance of the space too. The best-shared workspaces also include things like printing and scanning services, complimentary food and beverages, kitchenettes, privacy nooks, and multiple meeting rooms.


1. Lack Of Customization

Branding is always an important consideration for office space. Do you want to be able to brand the front doors, foyer, and even the furniture in your office? In a shared workspace, you aren’t going to be able to do this. If your brand is important to you, a shared workspace is going to always quietly remind you that the office isn’t yours. At desk chair™, our private suites can be customized with your logo on the door. This way, you can really feel at home!

2. Distractions

Working in a shared workspace can be distracting. Each person or group of people are on a different timeline. Maybe you are working on wrapping up an important presentation, but the next group over is loudly taking a break from their day. It is hard to control the environment around you in a shared workspace, and you might feel obligated to drop what you are doing to socialize with those around you. While it can be difficult to get away from the loud crowds, desk chair™ offers conference rooms so you have a space to get some quiet time when you need it. Based on your membership level, you will have more hours allocated to conference room use.

3. Proximity To Competitors

Another disadvantage of a shared workspace is that you can’t control who is in the office. Shared workspaces are popular in the technology sector and there is a likelihood that you will share an office with a competitor. The best thing you can do to combat any paranoia about competitors hearing information you don’t want them to is to take those kinds of conversations behind closed doors.

Desk Chair™ Shared Workspace

The shared workspaces at desk chair in downtown Loveland provide everything you need to improve the way you work. We offer customized working spaces, copy and printing services, open spaces, and meeting rooms, an onsite fitness center, food and drinks offered by Five Tables Cafe, and ultra-high-speed internet and support. Join entrepreneurial, successful, and inspired professionals lining in Northern Colorado by becoming a desk chair™ member  today.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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