Working from home might have given us all an opportunity to reevaluate all of the aspects in our life that had been less than optimal and needed more attention. In a time of struggle and strife, our distractions might be the saving grace. Areas in our life that we were neglecting received the attention they needed, and in return some people saw their productivity skyrocket. Spending more time with family, friends, or even finding a new appreciation for yourself, could have paid off in certain facets of your professional life. As scary as the “new normal” may seem, we have the chance to build our lives with a fresh perspective and a new attitude that was lacking before.

If you’re managing a team and have found that a mix between working from home and office time has significantly improved, a coworking workspace is the flexible option you need. Finding a place where your employees can efficiently manage their time and make the most of each hour in their day will lead to job satisfaction and higher quality results. Perhaps balance was the issue many of us struggled with pre-pandemic, and keeping that balance could be the key in succeeding in our professional and personal lives.

So, in light of that new mindset– let’s reinvent the workspace and redefine coworking. Coworking has been around for more than two decades, yet saw a large increase in popularity within the last few years. With the resurgence of solopreneurship and remote working, coworking was there. Larger teams started growing tired of a yearly lease and needed the option for more flexibility, and solopreneurs were finding that the typical home office was not an optimal space to get work done. That’s where coworking comes in.

A coworking space is a place that thrives in creativity and community and gives members the opportunity to rent when they need. It allows for collaboration and networking opportunities all in one building. It could even become your “new normal”.

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