You’re great at your job. So great at it that you’ve struck out on your own as a freelancer. Does that mean you’re great at running a freelance business? Not necessarily. Before you run into trouble, get your business-owner game up to speed with some of our favorite books for freelancers.

Essential Books For Freelancers

Stay abreast of the best practices for freelancers or just find new ways to be productive with desk chair™ workspace’s essential books for freelancers.

The Freelancer’s Bible, Sara Horowitz

The name isn’t hype. Sara Horowitz (founder of the Freelancers’ Union) collects just about everything you need to know about being a successful freelancer in this essential tome. Pulling from more than 15 years of experience working with freelancers of all flavors, Horowitz dishes out about contract essentials, intellectual property rights, self-employment taxes and organization.

Remote, Jason Fried And David Heinemeier Hansson

The founders of info-age juggernauts Basecamp and 37 Signals delve into the tips and tricks of managing a remote workforce. Their communication and tactics for working productively with coworkers stretched across the globe are essential for modern freelancers.

What To Do When It’s Your Turn, Seth Godin

Freelancers are working without a net – and failure is always a fear lurking behind every decision. Business mogul Seth Godin’s inspirational look at embracing the uncertainty of the freelance life – and how to deal with the fear of failure – is both a practical guide and a salve for the freelancer’s soul.

Ego Is The Enemy, Ryan Holiday

Where Godin teaches you to have confidence in yourself, Ryan Holiday preaches the importance of humility. When you’re overestimating your abilities and undervaluing those around you, you’re headed to eventual disaster, as Holiday shows with case studies of historical business and political leaders. Learn how to evaluate your own abilities accurately and stay ahead of the pack.

The Four-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss

Timothy Ferriss’ influential novel is a classic of modern business literature for a reason, and it’s not because readers are looking for an additional 36 hours of recreation each week. Ferriss tackles strategies for outsourcing small projects and dealing with the noise of email in order to focus more on the work that matters. Of course, working freelance at desk chair™ workspace puts you in touch with a community of professionals from which you can draw tips and tricks, bounce ideas off and build your own network. It’s like drawing on a library of expertise just feet from your desk. Call 970-462-9464 to schedule your tour, or visit our Contact Page.

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