Let’s chat a little about the Dedicated Desk option here at desk chair.

What’s A Dedicated Desk You Ask?

By definition, a Dedicated Desk means that your workspace is an “open-air” concept, not your typical workspace surrounded by walls or dividers. One of the benefits of a Dedicated Desk is you don’t have to share your workspace with others, you get to park your stuff in the same spot every day, making it your home and no one else’s. For those of us who get a little anxious about picking our seat at the community table, this type of desk helps ease our daily transition about knowing exactly where we’ll be working every day.

Our Dedicated Desk option is also great if you are looking to stay within a budget. If you haven’t been inside the desk chair building, we have three stories filled with freelancers, entrepreneurs and those who are seeking the shelter of a satellite office space. There are Dedicated Desk membership options sprinkled all throughout the building. We offer Dedicated Desks on every floor so whether you’re looking for a space on our mezzanine overlooking the hot desk area or up against the window that looks out to the busy streets below, we have many options to suit your needs.

Coworking truly gives you the opportunity to get out of your basement office and meet the sunshine with other hard-working smiling faces. Coworking means sharing your morning coffee or just pulling someone aside to pitch an idea for feedback.

Loneliness can be a symptom of working for yourself but coworking could be your solution. We could sit here and tell you all the wonderful benefits of why you should consider coworking but I would like to let one of our members give you the down low.

“Having exposure to so many professionals can help you build a business and collaborate with other people who may need your services”, said John Hall, Marketing Director with Zoom Grants.

“A lot of collaborative ideas come out of coworking spaces because you have a lot of people with an entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinkers in one building.”

Having a Dedicated Desk also allows you to access the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- even on Christmas if that is what you wish (which I  highly recommend you don’t do that.) As a member, you have access to ; conference rooms, two event spaces , a full gym, shower & locker room, printing, free coffee, and package reception. Don’t forget about the free pour of wine or beer at  the end of the day at our in house Café Five Tables —that’s really where the magic of networking in our building takes off.

Did I mention that we have one of the best views in all of Northern Colorado on our rooftop patio that is exclusive only to members and private parties?

That’s right! Join us today for a tour of the space, we would love to show you around

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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