person working in a satellite office
Working in a satellite office in Loveland, CO

In the past decade, companies have been offering their employees more flexibility in the way they work. Some companies, like Zapier, TeamSnap, and Wordfence, pride themselves in their ability to let their employees work remotely. Some choose to work at home, but others choose to set up satellite offices.

What is a satellite office?

A satellite office in the simplest sense is a branch of a company that is physically separate from the company’s main office. An example of this would be an office that is located in a suburban area but has space in a city nearby for its employees to work.

What are the benefits of a satellite office?

Satellite offices can be used as alternate space to send teams to work on short-term or long-term projects, or as a way to give your employees some flexibility.

Sending your teams to satellite offices can help them complete projects by allowing them to focus on their work without the everyday distractions of the office.

Satellite offices also offer your employees the flexibility to work where they can get the most done. Some people get more work done outside of the typical office space. This also allows your company to reach areas you might not have had the opportunity to reach before.

Additionally, satellite offices allow your employees to collaborate with people from very different industries and backgrounds. Satellite offices that are also co-working spaces give employees the opportunity to pick the brains of people around, and you never know when inspiration might strike.

desk chair™️ as a satellite office

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