Ninety-one percent of remote workers feel more productive than when they work in an office, according to a 2016 TINYpulse survey. While you’re bound to feel more productive when you’re at desk chair workspace, you can boost your performance even more with our productivity hacks for remote workers.

Most of the American workforce has been chained to a conventional office, so it makes sense that a lot of our productivity tricks focus on in-office workers. You can improve your performance, master your goals and find a better work-life balance by adopting habits that simplify the lives of remote workers.

  • Schedule Appropriately: Sure, you can work when you want, but it’s just a lot harder to connect with colleagues and clients at 2 a.m. than at noon. Set part of your schedule to overlap with the conventional workday to make yourself accessible to everyone who needs you.
  • Set Goals: You’ll enjoy unprecedented freedom when you office at a shared workspace, but you’ll need responsibility to make the best use of it. Each day, set a list of daily accomplishments so you stay on track.
  • Leverage Your Differences: Working in a shared workspace isn’t the same as an office, so don’t treat it like it is. Take advantage of amenities (like desk chair’s fitness center), the professional network you create and the freedom your work style grants you.
  • Tackle Conflicts: Communication can be difficult over distance, so take pains to iron out small issues with colleagues before they blossom into big ones. Remember, as a remote worker, you’re likely to be the last to hear of problems with colleagues, so fix them before you’re trading productivity for drama.
  • Tend to Professional Development: Your office space-dwelling colleagues are likely receiving training and learning as part of corporate culture. Make time for yourself to keep up with innovations, new technology or changes in your industry.

As master of your schedule and workflow, you have the power to become a beacon of productivity when you work at a shared workplace. Ready to see what desk chair has to offer? Schedule a tour today and start getting more done.

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