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Health officials: Go back to wearing your masks

Larimer County health officials are strongly recommending people, whether vaccinated or not, return to wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.

The county health department announced the new recommendation Wednesday afternoon, citing Larimer County’s high level of community transmission of COVID-19’s delta variant.

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Additional COVID-19 Precautions


It is extremely important to us at desk chair Workspace to keep our members safe and our space clean. Coworking communities, as a service, thrive to allow professionals to have an area outside of their home or remote workplace to be productive as possible, and we want to be able to facilitate that need.

In order to help keep our facility functioning and safe, we have implemented some new changes to the building such as our new HVAC purifying system. While this may not be a feature we see on the day-to-day, it is extremely valuable to the health and well-being of our members and staff.

The pandemic has heightened all of our awareness surrounding health topics and daily activities that could put our health at risk.

Things we are doing: 


  • Blue light surface disinfector
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Sneeze guards in hot desk area
  • Mandatory maks in common areas
  • Socially distanced Dedicated Desk area
  • Motion censored lights and sinks
  • Air purifying system in the HVAC system 

Read More About Our New System And Why It Is So Important Right Now.


“GPS’ technologies are meant for “POP” The three primaiy contributors to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are: Particulates Odor & Pathogens.

Particulates: During the GPS cleaning process, air­borne particulates (dust, pet dander, pollen) are treated and theQ drawn together increasing their size and mass. Larger particulates are more easily captured effectively increasing the efficiency of a home’s air filters.

Odor & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs ): During the GPS cleaning process, cooking odors, pet odors and chemical odors, (like formaldehyde) are broken down into basic compounds free of any smell.

"Health has always been, and will continue to be desk chair’s main priority throughout all COVID-19 regulations and beyond."

The Team of desk chair Workspace

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Making Goals Happen in Your Coworking Space

We all set goals, whether they’re small and easy to accomplish or rather large and occupy your days. The worst feeling can be when you set a goal and it goes nowhere because other priorities get in the way. However, 2020, might be your chance to reach those goals and rack up some serious achievements to kick off the decade. Whatever your goal may be, there are always little life changes that make those goals more accessible. 

Force Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Two things that are not equal: achieving goals and comfortability. And why would they be? Reaching your goals requires you to be tenacious and inspired and that does not happen in a place of routine. These little risks outside of your comfortability can be small, such as, waking up 15 minutes early to take a morning walk, joining a book club that introduces you to new people and topics, or starting a conversation with a colleague that you usually only wave to. 

Coworking Space

Take Care of Yourself 

Staying healthy is the best way to make sure your mind is open, clear, and ready to work. Feeling sluggish in your workspace can deter you from wanting to do your basic daily responsibilities, and even more push you further from where you want to be. Everyone knows how important drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is, but there’s even more that can affect your motivation and mental health. If you spend all day looking at a computer screen, stay away from your phone or television at night. If you are constantly talking on the phone, try focusing your energy on a 10-minute silent meditation to clear your thoughts and realign your priorities. 

Improve one of Your Daily Tasks to Increase Productivity 

When you find your work getting complacent, look to your routine and your habits and you might find the issue. There might be one or more instances of your routine that is affecting your attitude and quality of your day-to-day work. For some people, checking their email every few minutes throughout their whole day can trigger some distracting behaviors. If you think that this might be you, then try cutting back on opening that inbox four or five times a day. This could leave hours of non-interrupted or distracted time, where you can focus on what is present and critical to that moment. 

Grow Your Network 

Networking is a key in every business person’s career. There’s this constant pressure to always hand out as many business cards as possible and connect with everyone you see on LinkedIn.

Try reframing the way you approach networking. Find people that are reaching toward similar goals or people that you know that have done what you’re trying to do. Seeking out a network can be a lot less imitating when you think about it in a way of simple conversations and creating a small place in your memory for those small conversations that may have a large impact.   

So, change the way you approach your goals and see how far you have come at the end of the year. Here’s to the roaring 20’s and smashing goals!

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