October 26  • WINTER MENU

Five Tables is launching a winter menu on October 26th!

Releasing – Winter Cocktail Menu

There will be a variety of savory dinner items such as flatbread pizza’s, mac n cheese, and more!

Come eat, drink, and enjoy!


November 16 • Live Music at Five Tables Cafe

Five Tables Cafe will be hosting Michael Foreit this Friday!  Come on in and try our new winter menu, and specialty cocktails and listen to live music!

  • 6:00-8:00PM
  • Free event

Michael is a finger-style acoustic guitarist from Denver. For around seven years, Michael has worked with various musicians which has allowed him to be knowledgeable in many genres.

Don’t miss out on this awesome artist!



December 5 • Food for Thought with John Hall

The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts is presented by John Hall, he is a former VP/GM with
Madison Square Garden (MSG) and a former senior executive with the National Football League
(NFL). Hall has helped companies ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to small local businesses in creating strategies that build revenue through nurturing teamwork that enhances personal and professional enrichment.

If you are looking for a presentation that will leave you enlightened and feeling more enriched
personally and professionally The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts is a must to book on your calendar. Teamwork has been highlighted as a well-played strategy in business for many years and is a critical management tool in achieving effective personnel performance. Hall is extraordinarily well versed in the art and importance of teamwork. Hall presents strategies that focus on creating more efficient and productive business models while crafting and presenting an entertaining narrative. The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts shares how teamwork can be inclusive to any kind of team… big or small! Lessons learned from highly successful organizations from the sports and entertainment
industry like MSG, the NFL, Radio City Music Hall and Disney, as well as main stream Fortune 500 companies, to ‘Good to Great’ strategies are presented in a manner that parallels any size company. Hall, a six time Colorado Press Award winner presents real life case studies in The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts in a thought provoking manner with strategies that intertwine into the daily work environment of any professional. Regardless of the size, nature and scope of your business teamwork equals success and Hall enthusiastically delivers that message.

  • 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
  • Free event
  • Buy your lunch from Five Tables Cafe or bring your own
  • Register here!

December 20 • Winter Beer Pairing









Opening Date – January 2019