October 26  • WINTER MENU

Five Tables is launching a winter menu on October 26th!

Releasing – Winter Cocktail Menu

There will be a variety of savory dinner items such as flatbread pizza’s, mac n cheese, and more!

Come eat, drink, and enjoy!


December 5 • Food for Thought with John Hall

The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts is presented by John Hall, he is a former VP/GM with
Madison Square Garden (MSG) and a former senior executive with the National Football League
(NFL). Hall has helped companies ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to small local businesses in creating strategies that build revenue through nurturing teamwork that enhances personal and professional enrichment.

If you are looking for a presentation that will leave you enlightened and feeling more enriched
personally and professionally The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts is a must to book on your calendar. Teamwork has been highlighted as a well-played strategy in business for many years and is a critical management tool in achieving effective personnel performance. Hall is extraordinarily well versed in the art and importance of teamwork. Hall presents strategies that focus on creating more efficient and productive business models while crafting and presenting an entertaining narrative. The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts shares how teamwork can be inclusive to any kind of team… big or small! Lessons learned from highly successful organizations from the sports and entertainment
industry like MSG, the NFL, Radio City Music Hall and Disney, as well as main stream Fortune 500 companies, to ‘Good to Great’ strategies are presented in a manner that parallels any size company. Hall, a six time Colorado Press Award winner presents real life case studies in The Art of Teamwork – Everyone Counts in a thought provoking manner with strategies that intertwine into the daily work environment of any professional. Regardless of the size, nature and scope of your business teamwork equals success and Hall enthusiastically delivers that message.

  • 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
  • Free event
  • Buy your lunch from Five Tables Cafe or bring your own
  • Register here!

December 7 • Live music

Bobby Wiens is this weeks musical choice!

He is a drummer, educator, composer and arranger who has performed extensively on the concert stage and in the studio. He has led several bands which perform his eclectic stockpile of compositions and arrangements. He has also worked as a sideman with several prominent musicians including Jim Brenan, Al Muirhead, Brent Mah, Ellen Doty, David Blake, Nate Waters, Aimee-Jo Benoit, Meghan Gilhespie, William Ross, the Adanu Habobo West African ensemble, and many more.

Bobby maintains a busy playing and teaching schedule in the greater Denver area while undergoing his Master of Music in Jazz Studies at the University of Northern Colorado.

  • Free event
  • 6-9pm

December 13 • Blush Holiday Bash

The Blush Society in partnership with Artworks Loveland has put together an extravagant holiday market. The market includes 20+ local vendors along with complimentary small bites and beverages. There will be live holiday music playing throughout the evening and throughout the venue. Artworks Loveland is a studio environment that provides individual artists a place to release their creativity. These artists will also have their studios open during the event allowing guests to see their products. With the gifts you are able to purchase there is a gift wrapping station where you are able to drop off the gift and get it wrapped.


December 20 • Winter Beer Pairing Collaboration  

This is a 5 course pairing including exclusive seasonal beers. Our chef has worked closely with the selected beers to offer a unique and deliciously well balanced meal.  Tickets will go live on Eventbrite Monday December 3rd.






December 21 • Live Music with Chris Webb Band

Wrapping up the last few days before the Holiday, the Chris Webb Band will be performing holiday hits;]

Chris has been playing the guitar, singing and writing music for over 16 years. Music is his passion, and his outlet for expression and creativity. Chris uses a unique song writing style infused with complex chords and intricate melodies to reach his listeners and draw them in. Chris loves strumming his acoustic guitar for listeners in coffee shops, venues and private events, or encouraging people to get on their feet and dance with the funky rhythms of the Chris Webb Band.

“Pop and Rock spanning 5 decades with a fresh acoustic twist.”

Chris has shared the stage with many talented musicians, from Sister Hazel to Louden Wainwright, and has recently begun writing music for the television and film industry. He is always looking for new opportunities to co-write, collaborate and expand his musical endeavors. Chris’s ultimate focus is his love for music.

  • Free event
  • 5-8pm

December 28 • Live Music with Rachel James

     “Everything is first and foremost about the craft of the song. We artists have something to share, if we don’t know how to share it so that we can collaboratively experience something, there is no point in bringing it onto a stage in the first place. It’s about a true experience, despite the subjectivity that will inevitably result. A shared  feeling can span a thousand different stories. A shared song can do that too.”
     Rachel has written songs for artists spanning the globe and has landed hundreds of licenses. She applies that songwriting knowledge to her own artistry and show. “Every show is different. I try to bring something new to every stage I play and that challenge brings me endless joy.” Her songs have made the careers of artists like Jess Moskaluke in Canada and Cody Qualls of Face Vocal Band in Colorado. Her artistry has spanned stages like Red Rocks and Ford’s Gimme the Gig. Her heart for music that lifts the soul and serves a higher purpose has led her to be a worship leader for over a decade and produce worship songs that reflect creativity and truth.
     “My favorite moments in music are the ones where everyone in the room is on the same stage I am. We all are doing the same thing. Great music can do that so well. It’s not about me at all. It’s about focusing on something far bigger and greater and indefinable. It’s a completely different attitude and approach and it can change a space and an attitude quicker than any amount of lecturing or meditation. Music is more than magical. It’s absolute life at times. There is nothing like it in assisting hundreds or thousands to be of one mind. There is nothing like it in assisting a heart to understand the things words cannot contain. How can we serve it so that unity and healing and, of course, fun happens every time? That is the real thing. The outcome everyone wants.”
  • 6-9pm

January 2 • Food for Thought with Dr. Adams & Dr. Wisniewski


Fast your way to better health and gain other health tips for a busy lifestyle

Topics covered

  • Fasting
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Fatigue

By attending this educated lunch break you’ll learn the secrets of intermittent fasting and how it can help you get through the day, potentially lose weight, and fight fatigue. You’ll also take away- – ways to eat healthy on the go and how to make time for fitness in a go, go, go lifestyle!

  • 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
  • Free event
  • Buy your lunch from Five Tables Cafe or bring your own

About the Speakers:

Dr. Shaun Adams, DC, DABCI

Dr. Shaun Adams was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He attended Shippensburg University
where he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Biology.
In college, he decided he wanted to help people and changed his unhealthy lifestyle and lost 75
lbs. to be a role model for his future patients. Dr. Shaun moved to Florida to attend Palmer
College Chiropractic where he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.  Dr. Shaun also
holds diplomates from the American Board of Chiropractic Internists (DABCI). Dr. Shaun
specializes in metabolic disorders, cardiac disorders, gut health, and sports medicine.


Dr. Brett Wisniewski, DC, MS, DABCI, DACBN

Dr. Brett Wisniewski was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended Monmouth University
where he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with concentrated studies in
chemistry. He has always gravitated towards the study of the human body and natural health.
Dr. Wisniewski moved his family to Florida to further his studies at Palmer College Chiropractic
where he graduated Cum Laude, with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. He then went on to
study at the University of Florida where he completed his masters degree in molecular cell
biology with a concentration in immunology.  Dr. Brett also holds diplomates from the American
Board of Chiropractic Internists (DABCI) and the American Board of Clinical Nutrition (DACBN).
Dr. Brett is both an instructor and administrator for multiple DABCI programs across the country
and holds a seat on the executive board for the American Board of Clinical Nutrition.


January 25 • Live Music with John Runnels

The brainchild of Denver-based singer/songwriter John Runnels, Morning Bear is an orchestral indie folk project that channels emotion

through vivid imagery and intricate melodies. Morning Bear was formed when Runnels quit his day job as an engineer and took a one-way ticket to Europe. From the streets of Sevilla, Spain to the botanic gardens of Copenhagen, the songs touch on following your dreams, growing older, and the doubts of life and love. Characterized by highly dynamic compositions, Morning Bear’s music is a synthesis of the calm and delicate stylings of artists like Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez with the complexity and depth of the Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens. Featuring soaring vocals and atypical arrangements including cello, violin, piano and more, Morning Bear provides a textured landscape behind pop-influenced hooks.

Since forming in early 2014, Morning Bear has released two EP’s, has toured extensively both nationally and internationally, and has had their music on rotation at college and public radio, including NPR. Morning Bear’s most recent single has over 120,000 listens on Spotify.

  • 6-9pm



Opening Date – January 2019