The clock strikes 1:30 p.m. and you realize there is still half a day left at the office. Even with plenty of work to do, you find yourself scraping for motivation after a heavy lunch. How do you make it through the rest of the day? Easy. Leave your desk and exercise! You will return strengthened and stimulated to finish the day with a bang.

  • Increase Job Performance  
    • When days are packed with meetings and agendas, workers need time away from the boring office and overbearing co-workers. Exercise can save your day and re-energize you in a way that even caffeine cannot.
  • Boosts Mood & Energy Levels
    • Exercising releases endorphins that produce a feeling of wellbeing. Paired with the refreshing feeling that comes post-workout and you’ll be flying through afternoon meetings and deadlines.
  • Stress Reducer 
    • Vigorous meetings, pressing deadlines, demanding clients – it is no wonder workers need distractions from the office stresses. Instead of turning to that donut in the break room, turn to exercising. Take much-needed “you time” and spend it in the gym working out your anxieties.
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills
    • Piles of problems flood your desk which becomes overwhelming. But nothing a little sweat session can’t help. When blood and oxygen levels increase, your brain functions will improve performance in solving tricky obstacles.

It is no secret – exercising can vastly improve your health, but it also boosts productivity and overall work performance. Take the time out of your day to improve your personal health as well as your office health.

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