Evaluate Space Needs & Budget

Do you need to be in a private suite? Can you all work in close proximity to one another? Or does being close to one another even matter to the progress of your company? You need to answer these questions first when choosing a coworking space. The great things about coworking spaces are the flexibility and membership options they offer your company. At desk chair workspace, companies choose from open work areas to private suites with sit/stand desks for their team members. Prices vary with every level at desk chair:

  • Hot Desk – $250/month
  • Dedicated Desk – starting at $375/month
  • Private Suites – starting at $575/month
  • Groundworks (perfect for prototyping, assembly, or clean industrial work) – starting at $600/month

Determine Ideal Location

When deciding location, your clients must be on your mind. You want to be accessible, easy to find and in a community that represents your company well. By using desk chair workspace, companies have the opportunity to be in the heart of Loveland. Conveniently located downtown at 4th and Cleveland, members will have a variety of restaurants, shopping and transportation at their fingertips.

Physical Environment

Coworking is a completely different atmosphere and environment compared to traditional workspaces. Different companies all in one building? Won’t that be a big distraction? It is not so much about working in one space, as it is about creating an atmosphere full of hardworking, dedicated professionals. With coworking spaces, members have the opportunity to work in all types of areas and rooms. This flexibility can increase productivity with employees. Some more things to look for when tour different facilities:

  • Good Lighting
  • Air Quality
  • Comfort
  • Accessibility to Main Streets
  • Construction of Building

desk chair™, now offers group tours of our workspace construction site. Please request a group tour on our website TODAY. Spaces are limited and filling up fast.

Amenities Provided By The Space

Bonuses and amenities to any job are the icing on the cake. Some coworking spaces are created to help balance life and work for its members. To do this, they may provide workout opportunities, food, or other services. Amenities provided by desk chair workspace include but are not limited to:

  • Customized Office Spaces
  • Concierge Level Services
  • Delivery and Mail Sorting
  • Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Open Spaces
  • Onsite Health Club-Style Fitness Center
  • Grab & Go Food and Coffee
  • Café Featuring Beer and Wine
  • Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Internet Access and Support

Each business is different, so finding what is the best fit for you is most important. Follow these guidelines when choosing a coworking space and find your best work-life balance.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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