Have you ever wanted to do business reports in the quietness of a library? Or take care of your emails on the clock from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop? Working remotely gives you the freedom to do just that! You get to accomplish all of your tasks for work in nonspecific, fun environments while still getting the job done.

The Productivity

Working remotely is a breath of fresh air to get new ideas. Make your to-do list, put on your headphones and start checking things off! No distractions, just inspirations, thanks to your new environment for the week. Not only does remote work let you get out of your basic four-walled setting, it is a networking opportunity at your fingertips. Increasing your chances of connecting with new people, remote work will build your contact list of future clients, referrals and other opportunities. All while just simply being in a new setting for the day or week!

Why Not Just Stick To The Office?

Working remotely provides a flexible work schedule for professionals who are often on the go! It makes it possible to work at times that work best for you and accommodates any appointments, side jobs or events you may need to tend to. It can also reduce the stress that you may feel when you’re in the office, leaving you to be more productive. These spaces allow you to stand up and stretch, take a lap or make a phone call when needed.

The Best Places To Work Remotely

Some of the best places to work remotely also happen to be some of your favorite places to be in your off time. Coffee shops, restaurants, co-working spaces, libraries, or even your home! Coworking spaces are the most attractive option for remote working due to their flexibility and professionalism. desk chair is a community of coworking spaces that promotes creativity and diligence of remote working. desk chair ™ has several types of spaces in which you can work remotely and each cater to your specific work needs.

Schedule a tour of the desk chair office to see which space is right for your remote work! Want to join us at desk chair ™ ? Become a member today!

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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