Sara Seal

The energy and lifeblood of any coworking space consists of its members. You can find the beauty of coworking in the slight clink of the coffee mugs or the murmur of a brainstorming session going on between two members. Each member makes up a different hue of the colorful personalities that fill the walls of our space. Each member story and their journey is a little different. Today we would like to introduce you to Sara Seal, an extremely talented Graphic Designer at desk chair Workspace.

Let’s hear her story.


Q : Tell us a little about your career journey

S: I started out by going to school for design. Right after school, I started working for a small startup advertising agency in Indianapolis and then moved on to a boutique branding company that I stayed at for a year.  When I moved out to Loveland, I worked for a place called “Ten Fold” (4+years), where I then moved onto working for another company called “Crowdskout” (3+years).  After working for numerous other large marketing companies where I was their creative “in-house” talent, I learned that I wanted to start my own business. I really wanted the ability to work on a variety of brands and projects, instead of just one brand.  I called my first business “Hello Waldo” which then lead into my second business, “Huxley”.  I love working for myself. It is great!

Q : Give us your elevator pitch – describe your business in a few words.

S: My business in a few words is – Primarily Branding, that is where my expertise lies. I am a branding focused design shop! I do print and digital. I help make things clean and cohesive.

Q : How did you come up with your business name?

“Hello Waldo” came about when my business partner and I were talking and I was trying to play off of the “Where Is Waldo” book series by saying you could find our branding in a crowd.  “Huxley” is based on Aldous Huxley’s book, “Brave New World”.

Q : Have you always wanted to be doing what you are doing now?

S: No!  I thought I was going to be a teacher, specifically an elementary teacher because both of my parents are teachers. Then as time got closer to graduation, I researched the art department at the college I was going to attend, because as a child, and in high school, I was always drawn to art but didn’t think I could make a living out of being an artist. SO, on the first day of freshmen orientation, I changed my major to be in the graphic design program and the rest is history!

Q : How did you decide to choose coworking and what is your favorite part about it?

S: I was in a rut of not seeing other people, and I am naturally an introvert and so it was easy for me to just stay home.  But I knew that it was helpful for me to surround myself with other people and not just work from home.  I like the idea of being around other people, but not necessarily working together as coworkers.

Q : How did you hear about desk chair workspace?

S: I live downtown! I watched the three-year construction take place and was curious to see the completion, and what desk chair would turn out to be.

Q : What is your favorite part about desk chair workspace?

I think what really sold me was the aesthetics!” This place is really beautiful, and that was an important thing for me! I had tried other co-working spaces in Loveland and they just were not doing it for me – So I came into desk chair knowing specifically what I was looking for and they met my needs, especially when it came to the aesthetics.

Q : What do you like to do for fun?

I read a TON!  I am currently taking a world literature course online through Harvard and I love it!  I knit and sew. I used to do it a lot more before my son.  Now I enjoy sewing his clothes, which keeps me into it!

Q : Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?

“Tough to name names!” BUT I love the Laureate Publik House. I love the owner Aaron, I love the aesthetics, and I love the wine that he has!

Q : If you could share a drink or dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

If I could have dinner and drinks with anyone in the world it would be Massimo Vignelli, He is a really amazing graphic designer who designed the “wayfinding system” in the New York bus system and a calendar that I love.  From a design perspective, I find his mind to be interesting because he defines his designs as a system and that really makes him unique.

What’s Exciting For You Right Now?
Sara Says…

I am super excited about these two brands in particular that I am working on!  I am helping a local nutritionist, and an adorable baby animal rescue company out of new jersey!  I love connecting with people in the community and helping them express themselves through their brand!

If you want to see more of Sara’s work, visit her website

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