Networking. You’ve done it at conventions, industry events and alumni gatherings. But are you getting the most out of your networking activities? If you’re not networking outside your industry, you could be doing it more effectively.

Sure, it’s great to find a mentor or trade ideas with others in your field to ensure you’re staying abreast of your field. But there’s a lot to be gained by breaking out of insular networking circles. Professionals who build connections outside of their field enjoy several benefits.

  • Visibility: Most obviously, networking outside your specialty helps keep you on the radar of customers who could use your services. Professional relationships are often the springboard to new business.
  • Collaboration: Is there anything more satisfying than being able to say, “I have a guy for that?” Networking outside your industry provides you direct access to skills and knowledge you don’t possess, and nothing makes you look more on top of your game than having the connections to wrap up a project at your fingertips.
  • New Insights: Engineers tackle problems differently than copywriters, but that doesn’t mean either way is wrong. Learn new approaches to problems – and other industries’ standard ways of moving forward – to augment your native problem-solving set.
  • Strengthen Your Social Skills: With so much shared experience, it’s easy to make connections with others in your industry. How good are you at making those instant personal relationships when you’re outside your field? Polish your relationship-building skills (pro tip: they’re also deal-closing skills) by chatting with others not so close to your comfort zone.
  • Help Others: It’s natural to think of career-oriented decisions in terms of personal benefit, but there’s an altruistic element to your networking: You’re helping others receive the same benefits. A rising tide lifting all boats and all that other stuff aside, a stronger business community (or just a sector of it), will benefit your whole network.

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