What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a strategy for work environments where each employee has no specific desk each day. Instead, they share the workspace and all that encompasses it. No matter where they sit, they will have access to a desk for the day, phones, and computers. Hot desking often entails staggering work shifts. While hot desking may not be everybody’s cup of tea, there are important benefits to this kind of workspace.

Individualized Spaces:

To start off, hot deskers are excited to come to work every day. Their environment is constantly changing and they get the chance to sit next to new people each day. A huge advantage of having a hot-desking workspace is a lack of clutter. Not having a permanent desk makes sure that each member of a coworking space has a fresh start at the beginning of each day. Having a cluttered desk is an inevitable aspect of having a permanent desk in any work setting at home or in the office. No more nick-nacks, no week-old food wrappers, just a clean slate.

Own Your Environment:

Hot desking supports all types of workers. With this innovative type of work experience, mobile workers can work from any space (office or not) without worrying about spending time at their desks. In addition to this, remote workers can come and go as they please, and the company doesn’t waste time or money on an empty desk. Another advantage of hot desking is that it keeps workers in contact with the team without actually having to be there at all times.


Hot desking is also a big money saver. This is because hot-desking memberships allow your business to minimize the amount of office space rented or owned. Not only does it promote ample networking opportunities outside of the office, but it also increases overall savings in your company budget. In fact, some business reports show savings of up to 30% in coworking office expenses, due to the usage of hot desking.

Networking Opportunities:

Being able to work outside of your company’s home base is a huge bonus of hot desking. Networking opportunities are at an all-time high for hot-desking environments and coworking spaces. Working remotely in coworking areas provides a well-rounded experience for employees and your business: growing and networking your business via coworking spaces. Hot desking frees up desk space and allows a more cost-effective use of the office environment available. If this is an ideal environment for you or your employees, become a member of desk chair today! With several different types of desks available for monthly reservations, you are sure to find the perfect fit.

Let’s Network Together?

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Let’s Network Together?

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