A shared workspace such as desk chair™ workspace is a perfect place for remote workers, freelancers and solopreneurs to separate their work and home lives. It’s also a great place to shuck the isolation of that work style, surrounding yourself with likeminded professionals – and possibly boosting your productivity through work friends.

Working solo allows you to focus, but it also may make you less effective at work. Loads of recent studies (from Gallup,  LinkedIn and even Harvard Business Review) reveal that having a work “best friend” can make you more productive, as judged by supervisors. There are a lot of reason why workplace buddies have this effect:

  • Support: It probably goes without saying, but having a workplace best friend increases your support network. People who have friends at work are 43 percent more likely to report receiving praise for their work and 37 percent more likely to say someone at work encourages their professional development, according to Gallup.
  • Networks: You’re always more comfortable asking friends for advice, and that behavior carries over the workplace. Workers are more likely to ask friends for help or advice without worrying about being seen as a poor performer, according to the Harvard Business Review.
  • Enjoyment: What can we say? It’s just more fun to work around people you enjoy being around, and the data bears this out. People with friends at work report better morale than loners, according to

Unless you’re satisfied to have your cat be your professional best friend, working from home isn’t the place to receive these benefits. That’s where a coworking space comes into play. You’ll work around professionals from a variety of fields, who provide unique perspectives on work issues as well as personal issues.

With Five Tables Café on our ground floor, it’s easy to strike up conversations with other members (or clients) over coffee, beer, wine or grab’n’go meals.

Ready to break out of isolation? Schedule a tour to see everything our freshly renovated facility can offer in addition to boosting your productivity with work friends.

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