The Importance of Reinventing Your Workspace

Working from home might have given us all an opportunity to reevaluate all of the aspects in our life that had been less than optimal and needed more attention. In a time of struggle and strife, our distractions might be the saving grace. Areas in our life that we were neglecting received the attention they… Read more »

Spring Cleaning in Your Office Space

The term Spring Cleaning has a number or origins. From cultural to religious reasons, but did you know that it can all come down to basic human biology? That’s right, your urge to clean comes from your body and the change of seasons. According to HowStuffWorks, our need to clean happens when warmer days start… Read more »

February in The Sweetheart City: Loveland, CO

We interrupt your normal feed of coworking and all of its amazing benefits (shameless plug) to talk about our beloved hometown of Loveland, CO. The name itself celebrates love and the town especially represents and holds true to the namesake, The Sweetheart City. During the month of February, Loveland is known for special traditions that… Read more »

Making Goals Happen in Your Coworking Space

We all set goals, whether they’re small and easy to accomplish or rather large and occupy your days. The worst feeling can be when you set a goal and it goes nowhere because other priorities get in the way. However, 2020, might be your chance to reach those goals and rack up some serious achievements… Read more »