Messy Desk Organization Tips

Right now, check your desk. Do you see small mountains of paperwork, half-empty coffee mugs and empty candy wrappers laying around? If that’s the case, you are hurting your productivity. Studies show people working in messy environments are less efficient, more impatient and less persistent when faced with problems. Follow desk chair™ workspace’s desk organization tips to… Read more »

Work Friends Make You Better at Your Job

A shared workspace such as desk chair™ workspace is a perfect place for remote workers, freelancers and solopreneurs to separate their work and home lives. It’s also a great place to shuck the isolation of that work style, surrounding yourself with likeminded professionals – and possibly boosting your productivity through work friends. Working solo allows… Read more »

Building Your Customer Base

As much as we would like to say a strong foundation and an organized team holds a company together, customers are the life support to any business. Increasing your customer base not only keeps your company alive, it allows growth and expansion. Where do you start looking for more customers? The value of a company… Read more »

Working at Your Best Time

If you’re working remotely you have the luxury of having some flexibility built into your schedule. If you’re not using it to make yourself operate at peak hours, you’re missing out on a lot of the power of a flexible work hours. Working most productively often means working at your best time. You probably have… Read more »

Ronda Stone Showcases Transformation of Loveland’s Newest Co-Working Space Through Art

“Art never bores me. Never,” said Ronda Stone, Loveland-based photographer and artist.  Colorado-based artist and photographer, Rhonda Stone, spent the past two and a half years photo documenting the construction and renovation of what is now the desk chair™ coworking space. What started out as photographs of the construction, taking place in the historic bank… Read more »