5 Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers

Ninety-one percent of remote workers feel more productive than when they work in an office, according to a 2016 TINYpulse survey. While you’re bound to feel more productive when you’re at desk chair workspace, you can boost your performance even more with our productivity hacks for remote workers. Most of the American workforce has been… Read more »

Opening Five Tables Cafe

desk chair is excited to announce the newest addition to downtown Loveland’s prestigious restaurant scene: Five Tables Café. Our café will be open to the public as well as desk chair members for enjoyment of fresh grab and go food, coffee and cold-pressed juice, premium beer and wine, and artisan meat and cheese boards. Five… Read more »

Benefits of Standing Desks

Ever feel restless after a long stretch at your desk? Does your mood bottom out by the end of the day? It turns out it may not be a problem with your attention span, the ergonomics of your chair or work that fails to engage you. It could be your desk – or that you’re… Read more »

Networking Outside Your Industry

Networking. You’ve done it at conventions, industry events and alumni gatherings. But are you getting the most out of your networking activities? If you’re not networking outside your industry, you could be doing it more effectively. Sure, it’s great to find a mentor or trade ideas with others in your field to ensure you’re staying… Read more »

Guidelines for Choosing a Coworking Space

Evaluate Space Needs & Budget Do you need to be in a private suite? Can you all work in close proximity to one another? Or does being close to one another even matter to the progress of your company? You need to answer these questions first first when choosing a coworking space. The great things… Read more »